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Spiritual Martial Arts

This is a spiritual martial art which dates back to the Mesopotamian empire around 5000 BC. It has been handed down through the generations over vast amounts of time. The knowledge and practice has been gathered and accumulated through the eons, molded and shaped as a rock that has a small but constant dripping of water upon it.

Over theses 7000 years it has worked its way through to what we now know as the Middle East, India, China and into Japan. As you study you will notice the many faceted spiritual aspects of every culture that has passed through and into this spiritual martial art.  

Having developed into a complete system, this spiritual martial art is now being taught by one Grand Master in Japan. A teacher who can transmit the essence of ideas and abstract concepts in a manner that delves deeply into the subconscious mind and physical body. The true nature of the universe cannot be described in words, as whatever we think we understand cannot be as great as the entire universe – our thoughts can only be one small point of view in the vastness of pure potentiality. And yet, our Grand master is able to shape us and guide us through movement – martial arts training, and stories – parables that point to ideas that cannot be completely grasped. 

We study duality, and are given the means to transcend that duality. Each student is travelling along their own path, guided by one of the most deeply spiritual Masters who has ever lived, as they discover, and re-discover, new layers of understanding, new beliefs, new ways of thinking, new ways of moving, and new ways of being.

The goal of any study, practice, or personal development, can usually be summed up as the quest for greater choice, more possibilities, and broader beliefs. It is certainly true of any worthy spiritual refinement!

In this spiritual martial art we don’t assess our knowledge by what we can talk about but what we can do! The beauty and joy of this simple physical practice, combined with mindfulness and an ancient way of thinking, is that is can transform, develop, polish and transcend oneself!

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